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Our expertises

That it be in the commercial, private or public domain, Ceveco will deliver on time, on budget while maintaning the highest project quality standards. We will also ensure that the site are secured for the public protection and that environmental protection standards are adhered to at all times.


Moreover, here are domaines of expertise:

  • Urban Landscaping (installation of granit, concrete elements, prefabricated concrete, concrete interlock pavement, urban furniture, architectual, metal, concrete art structures, etc.)
  • Civil Engineering / Urban Infrastructures (sewars, aqueducs, excavation, transportation of materials, rock excavation, retaining wall, sidewalks, interlock pavement, pavement, etc.)
  • General Contractor for civil engineering projects such as for (plumbing, electricity, ventilation, armature, concrete formwork, sealing work, lifting work, concrete drilling and cutting, management of contaminated soils, etc.)
  • Plant Engineering (green roofs, green terasses, transplantation of mature trees, renaturation,  major landscaping projects, etc.)
  • Archaeological Excavations (temporary shoring of facility, logistical support, excavation and transportation of material, etc.)